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Dribbble Shoot out

00 Instructions: Simply choose your favorite shot. Longest streak wins! 00

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The Shot Train Ride Jams wins the game!

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About the Game

The game is rather simple: find your favorite shots on Dribbble by pairing up two shots and choosing the best out of the two. The Losing shot is discarded and the winning short is compared to a new one. Over time the winner of the Shoot-Out is the shot with the longest streak of wins.

After your game, you can see a play by play of all the shots that won and lost. Who was your favorite? Keep track of and share all your games from your profile, after logging in.

About the Creators

This game is the child of a wild night messing around with the dribbble api. It was created by Travis Neilson, whos blog you will find at please stop by and say 'Hi!'

Database and php wizardry provided by Seke Kim, who is awesome with a text editor, like woah.